Membership Rules of the

Appalachian Fiddle & Bluegrass Association


Social Member

Anyone (age 13 and older) signing up as a new member is considered a “Social Member”. All Social Members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and contribute to that meeting but does not have a vote; nor can a Social Member make a nomination or motion. A new member will receive a “Social” membership card and a copy of the regulations of the AFBA along with a copy of our by-laws and Membership Rules. Social members age 13 – 18 may contribute 9 working hours to the AFBA events.   


If a Social Member (over the age of 18) intends to become an Active member, a Social Member must attend at least 6 meetings and become involved in AFBA events, work weekends, and contribute to the growth of the association. While working toward Active Membership status, a Social Member may leave their camper at the park in a designated area (drag strip) from April to October for a full camper fee of $150. They will not have a permanent camp site until one year after becoming an Active Member. After one year a Social Member may become an Active Member by being nominated by an Active Member and voted into Active Membership by the Active Members at the monthly association meeting. At this time the nominating member should make known the reasons they feel the Social Member should be considered for Active Membership. The member being discussed will be asked to leave the room.


Each nomination for Active Membership will be carefully reviewed and handled on a case by case basis. Active Membership status will not take effect until the following scheduled meeting.


The Social Member not voted into Active status should be told of the reasons that they were not deemed to be an Active Member. If someone is not voted in as an Active Member they may be re-nominated after 3 months. It’s the association’s wish that the Social Member not achieving Active Membership will carefully consider the reasons given and strive for attaining Active Membership in the future.


Active Member

Active Members are voting contributing members. An Active Member is required to attend 6 meetings during a calendar year (January - December).


Membership Dues are due in January each year. A $5 penalty will be added if paid in February. If not paid by the end of February, membership will be changed to “social”.    


The Active Membership consists of dedicated, contributing members who want to help the AFBA continue to grow and promote Bluegrass music. In addition to attending 6 (six) meetings, the requirements for Active Members are:


Festivals -

·         working 3 4 hour shifts (or 4 3 hour shifts) during the AFBA festival. Any hours over the required 12 festival hours can be applied to “work hours” at the park.

·         early gate opening and clean-up after each event are in addition to the shifts required,

·         preparation for festival, for example - mailings, coordinating bands, vendors, volunteers, advertising, and any other pre-fest work not identified here, but is identified by the Executive Committee,

·         Officers and Board Members are required to work additional shifts should the situation arise.

·         Active Members should consider additional work shifts if their help is requested. All attempts will be made to have an event properly staffed prior to the event.

·         No member can be admitted to a Festival at no charge without working the required shifts at the Festival.                                  


If an Active Member does not meet the requirements, they will be subject to review by the Executive Committee and Board and may lose their Active Membership status.


Shindigs -

·         help out where needed at monthly shin-digs, for example - door, merchandise table, raffle.


Park -

·        in addition to scheduled work week-ends, help with clean-up or projects at the park (see pg. 3 for suggestions).


Active Members not attending meetings are to be reviewed by the Executive Committee and Board and membership status changed to Social Membership. Exceptions are to be made in writing and to become part of the meeting minutes should circumstances prevent a person from attending meetings such as illness, death in immediate family, working your regular job.


Active Members with Trailer Privileges

Trailer Privileges are a privilege! It is for the convenience of active members who work on the park; working during clean-up weekends, pre/post and during festivals, special work projects, routine maintenance or working towards the benefit of events at the park. Between the months of April and November, a minimum of six days (4 hours per day) are required.

·        Members with Trailer Privileges will sign a yearly contract for their campsite which will be renewed each year.

·         A Security Deposit in the amount of $100 will be given to the AFBA to be held in an escrow account at the signing of the first yearly contract.  In the event a member leaves behind a mess, a trailer/camper/RV, or their actions result in expenses to the association, this deposit will not be returned.

·         A yearly camper fee of $150 will be paid by the end of May.

·         Those active members who do not keep a trailer at the park, but who want to reserve their regular campsite will pay a yearly fee of $50.

·         When leaving the park each week, all electric must be turned off. Excessive electric bills should NOT be the responsibility of the AFBA.

·         Campsites are defined and to be respected. A campsite is to be considered someone’s living quarters and should not be trespassed on.

a) Only one trailer per campsite. This is defined as one trailer per family that cohabits    together, couple, residence-sharing friends, married couple or cohabiting couple.

·         After 1 year of Active Membership, an Active Member may apply to keep a trailer at the park.

·         This privilege must be approved by the Active Members in attendance of at regular meeting.

a) at which time they will be given a contract and 30 days to submit it along with the $100        deposit,

b) once a signed copy of the contract is returned to you, you may bring your camper to the        park.  

·         It may also be revoked by the Executive Committee and Board and Active Membership vote at any time with good cause.

a)      If revoked, a certified letter will be sent within 7 days of the offense notifying this      member that the property must be removed within 30 days of receipt of the letter.         After 30 days the association can remove the property from the park.

b)      Trailer Privileges are automatically taken away once a person loses their Active Member status.

No deeding or willing of trailer privileges to any family member or friend in the event of a member’s death.                                                          2

Lifetime Active Members

Anyone who has been a dedicated Active Member for over 20 consecutive years (and has reached the age of at least 55) is eligible for Lifetime Active Membership. This is usually at a time when they can not contribute as they did for the previous 20 years. Exceptions should be made as far as requirements; due to some limitations on the part of this older Active Member. They should be made to feel welcomed to work at a rate at which they are capable; at the park, at festivals or at shin-digs.  If applicable, they should also retain Trailer Privileges.


Membership Termination

Becoming a member in poor standing is a member who does any of the following:

·         makes negative verbal comments about the association; or by behavior, actions or deeds, creates a hostile environment at meetings, events/festivals,

·         takes any criminal action while at AFBA events or while representing the AFBA.

Steps for termination are as follows:

a)      First offence: issue a warning,

b)      Second offence: brought to the attention of the executive board; discussed at the next monthly meeting for vote by active members for termination; send a certified letter.

One year after termination, a terminated member may apply for Social Membership which will be voted on by the Active Members at the next meeting.


Officers and Board Members

Officers and Board Members are Active Members voted/appointed into office. They should display leadership qualities and conduct themselves with respect to the position they have been entrusted with.

·         They must attend 8 meetings during the calendar year (January - December), and not miss more than 2 meetings in a row.

·         If an Officer or Board Member misses 3 meetings in a row, they will automatically come up for review with the Executive Committee and Board. The Executive Committee and Board may at that time request the resignation of the Officer or Board Member or remove that Officer or Board Member from office or the board.

·         In the event an Officer or Board Member is removed from office or the board, they are automatically changed to a Social Member. They must then wait 1 year before applying for Active Membership while proving they are deserving of Active Membership.

·         If an Officer or Board Member resigns, in good standing, they do not lose their Active status.


Gifts / Donations

Donations of goods, services and money are given freely to the Association without special consideration or favors to be returned for it. A donation statement should be completed any time work, services, goods, money, etc. are donated to the Association/Park.


A few Work Suggestions to remain an Active Member

General Park Maintenance - general clean-up, raking leaves, etc., mowing grass, planting flowers, cleaning showers, cleaning stage, etc., making signs, painting

Special Park Projects Taskforce - new bridges, upgrade roads, upgrade electric, defining park boundary,

AFBA Special Committees – By-Laws, Membership Rules, Policies, Park Rules, etc.

Any Coordinator Positions - volunteers, advertising, vendor, merchandise

Helping at Shindig,  Association Mailing                                                                          


Updated & Approved: 2006 (Committee: Deb Frey (chair), Jodie Fishbein, Jeff Ohl)

Revised: June 2016 (Committee: Deb Frey (chair), Colleen Halk, Rodney Motz)

Approved: August 2016                                 


Appalachian Fiddle & Bluegrass Association

                                    P.O. Box 507, Wind Gap, PA 18091

                                               Trailer Contract


Date: ___/___/___


Active Member Name:___________________________________

Trailer Make:________________________    Model:_______________________    Year:_________

Trailer Plate:______________________    Trailer Registration: ________________________

Approximately how many hours did you work at the park last season? ________

Approximately how many hours did you work for the AFBA last year?  ________

What are some of the projects you worked on? _______________________________________



I have read the Membership Rules and fully understand them. Having been an active member for over one year, I am requesting the privilege of keeping a trailer on A.F.B.A. property known as Mountain View Park, in Wind Gap,(Bushkill Township) PA.

The $100 Security deposit required for a first-time applicant must be enclosed with this application. A yearly camper fee of $150 is due by the end of May each year.

Member Signature: __________________________

AFBA Officer Signature / Title: ____________________________________________________

AFBA Officer Signature / Title: ____________________________________________________

Trailer Contracts will be given/mailed to owners of trailers at the park in January and reviewed in March each year. All contracts must be returned by March 1st, to the above address.

If trailer privileges are revoked (at the March meeting), your trailer must be removed from the park by April 30th.

First time Trailer Privileges may be requested at a meeting, at any time during the year.