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Absolutely No Weed Wacking in the
“Red" Defined Areas

The "Red" defined Areas will be maintained by the

· The Stage Area
· The Big Rock in Field
· The Memorial Garden
· The Fence Row by Showers
· The Hill
· The Bank Behind the Stage

There are Thousands of dollars worth of plants planted in these areas
and hundreds of hours of planting by numerous Volunteers that have
taken place over the last few years.
Be Advised that Mountain View Park is considered “Private Property”
and any one caught Weed Wacking in these areas without proper authorization
Will be in violation and it will be deemed Destruction of Private Property .

- - - - “Weed Wacker Volunteers” - - - - -

Please Sign up with the Grounds Committee Chairman - ( Al LePosa )
or the
Garden Committee
Ruth Reeves and/or Rodney
for assigned areas