I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody
who has helped out at the Park these last few months making Our Park in the condition it is.
We have done quite a bit of work these last couple of years and it shows it.
Not only in looks but from the feed-back we get from the Festival Goers and Guests at the Park.

We have alot of good Active Members who take pride in the advancement and the Love of Our beautiful surroundings that we have to offer. I sit back at times and wonder, where else could I go and meet and play with so many good and talented people. I'd have to travel far and wide to seek out each individual that I've come in contact with at the Park, but still not get to share the comaraderie and fellowship that I get when I'm surrounded by friends that I get to see on a less than a frequent occasion. How do you go about putting into words to someone who has never expierenced Our Park, that wherever you go in the Park during a Festival, there is music playing. How do you put into words that when you enter Our Park, people take on a new air. People that you've never seen or met actually say "Good Morning"....offer you a cold drink....will sit and play music with you from sun up....to sun down.

And how nice it is to see Our children learning the instruments and music that we've carried on from our Mothers and Fathers.To see people that have never picked up an instrument and through the patience and guidance from our many members ,learn Bluegrass Music.To see and hear people young and old,and to be able to play with them after they have learned is a truly wonderful expierence.

I used to be "just a Festival Goer" before I became a Member of the AFBA. and became involved in this organization. I really didn't know what it was to see how a festival was run, what kind of work was involved and saw the day to day , month to month operations of the maintenance of Our grounds.I'm still impressed. I'm glad to be a part of the growth of the AFBA and I applaud those who came before me who made a positive impact upon the AFBA. To say that our job is complete would be an understatment in the biggest degree.

I also understand that not everybody is into the politics of running an organization.What you must understand is, without Members, we don't have an organization. If we don't have an organization....we won't have the AFBA. If we don't have the AFBA, we won't have a Park, If we don't have a Park, we won't have the friends, the music, the laughter and the joys of seeing one another anymore.

We do need you.! We need you to keep growing.! We need you for new ideas! Stop for a moment and think to youself, how many friends you've met at the Park? How often do you get to see them? What would it be like not being able to sit and play with them when you want anymore?

It has come to my attention that there are still members that do not know they are welcome at Our Monthly Meetings.If you are a Card Holding Member, you are welcome to attend Our Meetings.

We hope to see you there.

Rodney Motz.


A.F.B.A. Secretary '2005

A.F.B.A. Secretary '2007

A.F.B.A. Secretary '2008

A.F.B.A. Secretary '2009

A.F.B.A. Secretary '2010

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