Attend the entire AFBA Aug festival for free by volunteering only (3) Four Hour shifts at the main gate.
Look at the schedule below & submit your request to :
Shirley LePosa
Please include your name, phone number & shifts you are interested in.
Use Our Volunteer Form
When arriving at the festival you will be asked to pay for your ticket.
After completing your (3) Four Hour shifts you will receive a total refund.
If you pay by check you will receive your check back.

Wed   Thurs   Fri   Sat   Sun
2pm to 6pm   7am to 11am   7am to 11am   7am to 11am   8am to 12am
Deb Frey   Jim Merrifield   Chuck Bestwick   Chuck Bestwick   Chuck Bestwick
Ted   Ted   OPEN   Tina   Tina
LePosa   LePosa   OPEN   OPEN   OPEN
6pm to 10pm   11am to 3pm   11am to 3pm   11am to 3pm   12am to 4pm
Deb Frey   Jim Merrifield   Dawn   Lucie Barone   Lucie Barone
Ted   Paul Smith   Paul Smith   Susie Motz   LePosa
Willy   Deb Frey   OPEN   Paul Smith
  3pm to 7pm   3pm to 7pm   3pm to 7pm
  Lefty Mellert   Lucie Barone   Jodie
  Karen Mellert   Rodney   Rodney
  LePosa   OPEN   Rob Hoyd
  7pm to 11pm   7pm to 11pm   7pm to 11pm
  Lefty Mellert   Pete Savary   OPEN
  Karen Mellert   Tina   OPEN
  LePosa   OPEN   OPEN