Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does camping cost extra?

A. Camping is free for attendees with a full weekend ticket. Sorry, no camping with one day tickets.

Q. Are electric hookups available for my RV?

A. A limited number of electric passes are available for an additional fee. The camping electric has been greatly upgraded over the years, but still won’t support air conditioning or electric cooking. In some areas, coffee pots may be a problem. It is for minimal use only, such as a shower pump, keeping your battery charged, breathing machines, minimal lighting, etc. Every vehicle using electric must have a pass, even if one camper is plugged into another.

Q. Can I use my generator?

A. Generators allowed only if they are reasonably quiet. Be considerate of your fellow campers.  If necessary, the festival staff will decide if they are acceptably quiet.

Q. Can I park on-site?

A. Parking is free and completely on site.

Q. Is there Wifi?

A. We have free WiFi available throughout most of the park.  It appears as, ‘WindGap-1‘, ‘WindGap-2‘, ‘WindGap-3‘ and ‘WindGap-4‘.  No password is needed. We do our best to keep it up and running during the festival; however, our priority during the festival is the music. 

Q. Are campfires permitted?

A. Campfires are permitted unless there is a severe drought and the state, county or local fire department bans open burning.

Q. Is there a place to take a shower?

A. Hot water showers are available. You may have to wait in line but its well worth it!

Q. I hate leaving my dog at home. Can I bring her?

A. Absolutely! We charge a small fee for your dog. Dogs will not be permitted at any time in the entire concert or concession area. Dogs must always be leashed when walking or when away from your camp site.  Dogs must be tied up while at your camp site.  No loose (unleashed) dogs at any time.  Since no camping is permitted without a weekend ticket, no dogs will be allowed with a single day ticket. Dogs can be walked in 24 of the 27 acres of the park, but not in the entire concert area or vendor area.

Q. Do you provide concert seating?

A. No we don’t.  Being an outdoor festival attendees bring their own chairs or blankets to sit on.  We do have a few tree stumps around that are first come first serve.  You may leave chairs, at your own risk, all weekend. When you’re not using them, anyone else may use them. If you find this unacceptable, please take them with you when leaving the concert area. When you return to your chairs, if they are occupied, tell the folks using them that the chairs are yours and they will move to other unoccupied chairs. Please try to do this between songs.

Q. Is there any shaded seating in the concert area?

A. We have a number of trees around the main stage that provide some natural shade.  You may need to move your chair as the sun moves.  We do have shade tents setup with limited space. Bring your chair early to secure a spot.