The Bluegrass Youth Academy

A safe, fun, learning environment for youth interested in playing traditional instruments. The AFBA Academy offers fun, professional instruction at no cost to the students, with the opportunity to perform on the main stage.

 The 2023 Academy will be led by the wonderful Sarah Williams Larsen and Danny Stewart, Jr.  The academy begins with Registration Friday Evening at 7pm,  will practice Saturday and perform on the Sully Stage Sunday.

The 2023 Academy SONGS:

“Aint No Bugs On Me”
“White Dove”
“Cluck Old Hen”

We offer hands-on workshops by top performers and instructors. Bring your instrument and learn a thing or two that might take your playing and singing to the next level. Or just come and enjoy!

Other Kids Stuff
 Kids of all ages enjoy tie-dying, movies, square dancing, basket-weaving, crafts and more.  Fun and kid-friendly! Adults can get in on all the fun too! 

Have ideas or feedback about activities for the festival? Drop us a line and let us hear your ideas!


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