Festival Info

Quick Look at Whos Playing

Junior Sisk & Rambler's Choice-(Fri)
Reno & Harrell-(Sat,Sun)
Hillbilly Gypsies(Sat)
Dan Paisley(Fri)
Freight Hoppers-(Fri,Sat)
Coal Town Rounders-(Sat)
Tussey Mtn. Moonshiners-(Fri,Sat)
Louie Setzer & AMB-(Fri)
Dave Kline & Mtn. Folk-(Sat)
Tumblin' Bones-(Sat)
Stained Grass Window-(Fri)
Mark Miklos-(Sat)
Also Featuring

Also: *Boulevard Express*-(Fri)
*Hex Hollow Rounders*-(Sun)
*Raven Hill*-(Sun)
*Texas Rose Band*-(Thur)
*Mail Pouch Express*-(Sun)
*Without a Paddle*-(Thur)
*Mason Dixon Bandits*-(Thur)
*Open Stage Band*-(Thur)

The AFBA 27th Annual Flyer

Thursday/Friday Schedule

The AFBA 27th Annual
Bluegrass Festival
July 30th,31st
August 1st & 2nd 2015

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Next Meeting
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At the
Mt.View Park
Wind Gap,Pa

Mt.View Park

Wind Gap,Pa

AFBA Meeting Dates

AFBA Meeting July 26th
AFBA Setup Weekend
July 25th - 26th
Regular Meeting
10:30 AM
Mt.View Park
Wind Gap,Pa


Work Details
Memorial Day Weekend
May 23rd-24th & 25th
Park Clean Up
Rakes,Shovels,Gloves - etc.

Wind Gap BlueGrass Festival

Big Field Mowed
AFBA Compilation CD

Assorted Info


Music Venues
Resonator Guitar
Dobro® Resonator Guitar Assoc.

Wind Gap BlueGrass Festival



Wilmington Winter Bluegrass Festival

Doylestown Jam

Remington Ryde Bluegrass Festival
Pocono Bluegrass
Pocono Mountain

Bluegrass Night
Canyon Country



Godfrey Daniels

Grey Fox Bluegrass
Larry Royce

Music at the Mission

90.5 The Night.

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